HD Cookbook Errata, Ch. 15-23

Chapter 16

Page 16-1, paragraph 2:  The text indicates that the name "Xlet" was copied into the mobile phone/CLDC space. In fact, the xlet model was copied into this space, but it was renamed "Midlet".

Page 16-2 paragraph 2:  The text indicates there are no classloaders in CLDC. This is imprecise; in fact, there are system classloaders in CLDC, but no application classloaders as are found in CDC and desktop Java.

Page 16-11, sample code 16.4:  A local variable c is used to hold the PlaybackControl, rather than assigning it to the instance variable playackControl declared in sample code 16.3. Similarly, an undeclared variable p is assumed to contain an instance of Player; the instance variable ourPlayer declared in 16.3 should have been used instead.


Chapter 17

Page 17-3, sample code 17.2:  The variables ht and hst should both be t, the variable factory should be fact, and the variable mc should be myComponent.

Page 17-11, sample code 17.8:  The title is incorrect, and should be "Loading a sound using the HSound API"

Page 17-12, sample code 17.9:  The call to redraw() should be to repaint().


Chapter 19

Page 19-4, Sample Code 19.2:  In the import statement at the top, org.havi.ui.HKeyCapabilities should be org.havi.ui.event.HRcCapabilities.

Page 19-5, Sample Code 19.2:  The return type of the method getKeyHue(int) should be float.


Chapter 20

Page 20-4, paragraph 4:  The two sentences at the end of the paragraph should be removed. They are, "There is another control in org.bluray.media called AsynchronousPiPControl, but it has proven to be somewhat problematic in practice. It is not discussed here."


Chapter 21

Page 21-2, paragraph 2:  The system property org.bluray.vfs.root should be bluray.vfs.root.


Chapter 23

Page 23-11, Sample Code 23.4:  The to segment definitions incorrectly have a open-brace ("{") after the segment name.


DVD Included in Book

Book Disc Image Doesn't Work

The BD disc image and code on the DVD has had a number of bugfixes and enhancements since the publication of the book. Two are of particular note:

To get the latest version, you'll need the "subversion" source code management system installed on your computer. Go to https://hdcookbook.dev.java.net. First, grab the disc image 2007_10_hdcookbook_disc_image_no_jar_no_bdjo.zip from under the "documents and files" link. This has the CPI bit set to false in the video stream. Then, bring over the subversion repository (click on "subversion" on the right). You'll need to set a couple of variables to point to the platform stubs, and to the place you want the JAR and BDJO files to be installed -- look at vars.properties, which tells you how to override them in user.vars.properties.