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This website is a home for information related to the book "Programming HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc: The HD Cookbook," which is available on Amazon. When it was in print, it was available from McGraw-Hill Professional, from Textbookx.com and from other booksellers. Bulk pricing information was here. Errata for the HD cookbook is available here.

Resources for Blu-ray Disc Java and other GEM platforms

   •  * BD-J HD cookbook open-source project, including frameworks and tools for BD-J and other GEM platforms, and tools that you can use to create a Blu-ray Disc (provided that you already have video in the right format). This is an archive of http://java.net/projects/hdcookbook.
   •  * BD-J discussion forum and linked mailing list. These sites are now closed.
   •  * The BD-J Authoring Notes and Guidelines Wiki. This site is now closed, but the last known archive can be found here.
   •  Wikipedia on BD-J
   •  BDA website.
   •  BD-J is related to MHP, GEM and OCAP. You can find out more about these standards in the book Interactive TV Standards, and the associated website.
   •  CableLabs maintained an OCAP Developer Community page.
   •  The Java TV discussion forum evolved into a de-facto discussion forum for MHP. This site is now closed.

HD Handbook

The HD Cookbook is related to the HD Handbook. The HD Handbook provides information about authoring, design and production of both Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD. The HD Cookbook will provide more in-depth information about authoring, and programming the interactive layer of each format: HD-DVD Advanced Content, and Blu-ray Disc Java. See the McGraw Hill website, or you can buy it here and here.



Since the book was written, HD-DVD has lost the "format war," but there's still a lot to be learned from the excellent work that went into "the other format." Resources for HD-DVD are presented here.

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